With years of experience Haishan Embroidery is accomplishing all your needs and requirements for high quality African Lace Fabric. We offer a wide range of African clothing fabric accessories designed including finest quality material and exceptional designs. We have a huge variety of Voile Lace, Cotton Lace, Swiss Voile Lace, French Lace, Guipure Lace Velvet Lace, etc. Now HS owns more than 1,000 employees at home, factories with around 10,000m² plant area. Looking forwards can work with you and lets build up business term in the future. 'No deeper than the sea, no higher than the mountains' -Haishan Embroidery
Guangzhou Haishan Embroidery Trading Co.,Ltd
我们的使命是让客户的事业风生水起,为此将凝聚全部业务单元的力量,不断创造有推动力的项目和营销案例。 当行业发生变革时,我们也随之转换思维,利用创意、创新和深度调研来促进客户的收益, 让营销活动助力于品牌发展。